Donnie Priest's 1963 Nova-SS
It's a custom mixture of candy orange and gold pearl that turely sparkles.    Donnie had
a friend mix it for him, but Donnie handled the spray duties and it's flawless.  In
addition to the paint, he did his own interior and body work.  He's owned it for 10 years
and spent half of that on the build.  Donnie originally saw it at a Super Chevy Show in
Indy but let is pass initially. The car stayed on his mind and he later tracked it to
Peoria.  The Nova at the time was in sad shape, missing among other things the hood,
fenders and glass.  It's a true Chevy SS, but now sports a big block 468 for motivation.
Take a close look next time you spot Donnie and his Nova at a cruise-in.

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