Feature Car
Sam Martin's Little Black Cobra
On the dating scene the "little black dress" is famous for holding a dynamite package.  Multiply that explosive
power ten fold, drop in on four wheels and you have Carol Shelby's creation, the Cobra.
After two years in the build, Sam Martin introduced his baby to the car show circuit this past April.  And it got
every bit as much attention as a little black dress.  
Sam's muscle car is a 1965 version Factory Five.  He drove to the factory and picked the kit car up on August
21, 2010.  From then until this spring it has been a labor of love.  He selected a Jasper 351 performance
engine and tranny combo to provide the go power.  It has every Factory Five option except power steering and
air.  And the 'black dress' was sprayed by Lewis Motors in Daylight.  Sam takes a lot of pride in his roadster
and has every right to.        
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Options added to this Cobra included nerf bar bumpers front
and rear, and premium wheels.  Below-Sam opted for the extra
roll bar on the passenger side.