Feature Car
Josh Elmer's 1970 Chevelle Silver Bullet
It's hard to believe looking at it now, but Josh Elmer's '70 Chevy Chevelle once had holes in the quarter big
enough to stick your fist through.  Josh acquired the car about 15 years ago from a lady in Newburgh, but only
recently got serious about the build.  He and a friend did the work on a home built rotisserie, replacing both
quarter panels along the way.  It's been on the road about two years.
For go power, Josh junked the little old ladies' grocery special and stuffed in a crate GM 572 creating a Silver
Bullet.  A Bowler GM 400 Performance Transmission delivers the horses to Chip Foose wheels.  
Though Josh and company did most of the work, Ted Brown's Body Shop sprayed the silver with ghost
flames.  And, Holtzclaw Upholstery handled the interior restoration.        
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doubt about the punch this muscle car is packing.  Look for this Chevy Chevelle at car
shows and cruise-ins around Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois throughout the season.