1970 Plymouth Duster 340
A Plum Crazy Flashback!

Most of us wish we still had the cars we drove in high school or
college.  Sadly, they are gone.  And unless you have the deep
pockets of the Papa Johns Pizza guy it's likely they'll stay gone.
Bradley Prickett's solution was to recreate his long lost muscle
car--a 1970 Plymouth Duster 340.  His first set of wheels was a
six-banger Chevy that he shared wheel time with his brother.  They
later traded for a 340 Duster.
"We didn't know what we had," he said.  The boys suddenly went
from an also ran to leader of the pack.  It was fast.  But, in time a '55
Chevy caught their eye and the Duster motored into the sunset,
never to be seen by them again.  
Memories of the Purple Plymouth resurfaced in recent years and
Bradley began his search for a replacement.  He found the above
example through an Ohio Craig's List ad last year and showed it
around Evansville through the summer and fall.  
Bradley bills the car as a tribute because it's not a factory 340. But
the current engine has been punched out to 360 for extra go power,
along with other modifications.  Check out the stats and we think
you'll agree that it's a great replacement that will create new
memories for years to come.
Above--Brad added a dress up kit to enhance the engine while keeping the interior basically stock. He
continues to make improvements to the car and credits fellow members of the Ace of Clubs car club in
Evansville with helping turn the wrenches and providing technical info.  Below--He's Cruzin the First Friday Main
Street Car Show in downtown Evansville.
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