Feature Car
1969 Plymouth
Melanie and Harold Schutz have owned this 'Cuda Mod Top since October 2013.  They brought it home from South
Bend on Melanie's birthday.  "I was searching the Internet and saw a photo," Harold said.  "The photo was washed out
and I thought it had a white vinyl top."  On closer inspection he recognized the Mod interior and knew what he had.  
"Chrysler actually licensed the patterns from a company that made shower curtains," Harold noted.

The original owner was a lady in Springfield, MO.  She drove it daily for years, and when she passed away in 2011 a
reseller acquired it from the estate.  Melanie has the original title.  This survivor Barracuda is about 75% original,
according to Harold.  The front fenders have been repainted, thanks to a garage opening that seemed to shrink over
the years.  The top has been replaced with reproduction material that the South Bend dealer had.  But the interior
inserts are original.  It still has the stock 318 engine, unrestored.  The Craiger S/S Mag wheels and tires are period
correct, but recent additions.  Mod Top Plymouths were available in 1969 and 1970, and you could order the top only,
interior only or the combination like this one.  Harold says only about 937 Barracudas were built with the option. Only
five were painted green (Lime Lite Metallic officially). Most were painted yellow.  Melania and Harold are members of the
Area Chrysler Enthusiasts (ACE). When you see them at the next car show, just say "Groovy Baby!"
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The decade of the 60s was drawing to a close.  Flower Power still
ruled San Francisco while on the other side of the country kids rocked
for three days at Woodstock.  A moon launch and the Mod Squad were
TV favorites in 1969.

Up in Detroit Chrysler was building Hemi muscle cars for the boys--and
for the girls it was the Mod Top.  The Mod Top option offered floral,
paisley, and alligator vinyl tops with matching interior trim.  You could
get this groovy package on Plymouth Barracudas, Satellites, Darts,
Swingers, and Coronets.  A little under 3,000 total vehicles were sold
with the Mod Top package and car collectors have estimated that there
are fewer than 100 remaining.